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This Blog is the collection of short biographies and photo of the scientists, from different centuries, and many of them are unknown to the present generation. The valuable contributions of the scientist are the backbone of the development and the modern world is the result of their brainwork. We just utilize what they discovered and gifted to us. This Blog has been prepared as an authoritative and stimulating reference source. Compact detail about scientists, who amazingly changed this world, provides essential information on different discoveries they made in the field of science.

In fact, reading about the life-sketch of a scientist and his achievements, has great infotainment value. Besides, the lives of great men and women provide us inspiration to do things differently, and more importance than any other motivational factors. In this respect the importance of this Blog, especially for children, can hardly be underestimated. Rather it could even be a part of the curriculum-as at times the biographies can prove so inspiring and do motivate a person in such a way, that they change the entire course of the life of that person.

Written in simple and lucid language, these biographical photos of great scientists have been put together for ready reference. The Blog can also prove to be an ideal I.Q. upgrader.


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